About Us

Colorimetry was launched in February of 2019 as a result of the founders’ discovery of the power of light combined with art. The company’s original LED handheld device--The Colorizer-- was born out of the realization that one could bring art to life with the simple press of a button, The Colorizer makes art appear to move, shift, and change color. In each of its settings lies the possibility of bringing out aspects of the artwork that would otherwise never be experienced. 

Colorimetry created a gallery of images for use with The Colorizer. The images in the gallery’s collection are largely commissioned from artists all over the world and all specially curated, with each image containing a different story to tell. The lights of The Colorizerunlock the mysteries buried within each image.  These images are available in coloring books (with images from simple to complex), beautifully colored print books, and posters. There is something for all ages.

The Colorimetry team brought The Colorimetry Experience to thousands across the country exhibiting at major music festivals. An innovative portable pitch dark gallery provided an opportunity for guests to use The Colorizer to take their own unique interactive journey through the art surrounding them. The Colorimetry Experience received rave reviews from all those who entered the gallery booth, proving that Colorimetry’s attempt to bring some magic into the world was a success.

The Colorimetry dream began with a small handheld light, but has grown into a brand that delivers stunning immersive experiences. The technology can be scaled up as an installment for a large event, or purchased as individual and customized pieces to create your own personal gallery. However experienced, Colorimetry’s driving mission is to continue to bring joy and a little bit of magic, to young and old alike.