Colorizer Frame - User Guide

Getting Started

First power up the frame using the included power adapter and connect it the frame’s power receptacle box on the cord.  You may also use any 2A 5V rated power supply cable with a DC 5.5 x 2.1mm DC 5V Power Barrel Plug Connector.

We ended up shipping the Kickstarter frames with a 4ft cable, if you want a longer cord there are some on Amazon (here is a 6-ft version).

This cord can plug into any USB/phone wall adapter - or you can order one of these if you need one.

Wifi Setup

The frame has a Wifi chip built in, so when you power it up it will open a wireless network called “Colorizer Frame”. 

There are two ways to control your frame.

  • #1 Wifi Direct Method - Easiest and fastest, but must connect phone to the Frame Wifi
  • #2 Home Wifi Connection Method – the frame is internet connected, and you can use the mobile app without connecting your phone to the frame Wifi. This method is required if you want to sync multiple frames as they need to be on the same network.

The first time you use your frame you must to connect directly to the Colorizer Frame Wifi network and setup your frame if you want to use the mobile app:

Frame Wifi Network: “Colorizer Frame”

Frame Wifi Password: “colorizer”

Connect to the network and load the Frame's start page by typing in your phone browser.

Once you load the above webpage, you will be able to either input your home Wifi network information so the frame can connect to it - or you can directly start controling your frame without this step by choosing “Go to Controls”. 

To use the mobile app instead or WiFi or if you need to control multiple frames simultaneously, proceed to the next step.


Method #2: Home Wifi with Mobile App

Connecting your frame to your home Wifi network will allow it to be controlled even when your phone is not connected to it – so you can still use your home Wifi for internet on your phone.

Press the "Wifi Settings" button and put in your Wifi network and password.

The frame will reset after you do this and you can add it in the app with the + icon in the top right.  Make sure you reconnect to your home Wifi on your phone after this so that both your frame and your phone are internet connected and can communicate to each other.

Mobile App

In addition to directly connecting to the frames network, you can use the mobile app to manage multiple frame connections.

We have experienced delays in getting the final version of the mobile app on the store.  While we finish getting the branded version of the Colorimetry app finalized, the WLED app will host our frame control app perfectly fine as it is the open-source project we used to build our Wifi support.

WLED App Store Links:



Install and run the WLED app and use the "+" icon to find and add your frame. This will find all frames on your Wifi network for easy management.

Syncing Frames

Once both frames have been added to the same home Wifi network, you can hit the “Sync Lights” button in the Settings menu and the other frames on your home Wifi network will sync to this frame.