Colorizer Coloring Book Package

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  • 1 Coloring book of your choice (21 pages of blank mind warping design templates, curated to compliment the Colorizer Light)
  • 1 Colorizer light that comes in a protective velvet carrying case. Batteries included.
  • 10 Coloring markers that represent parts of the light spectrum most reactive to the Colorizer
the colorizer

A magical capsule that will transform the way you experience art.

Step 1

Pick from 1 of 21 design pages from the coloring book, and fill white space with colors of your choice. Get funky with it!

Step 2

Shine the Colorizer at your new creation, and experience colors like you've never seen before.

Don't wanna color?

Get a pre-colored Visuals Book Package instead. No effort required to enjoy!