Colorizer Frame Press Kit


Colorimetry Lights, also known simply as Colorimetry, is a company founded in Florida in 2019 by Miles Warren.  They discovered the power of using colored lights to transform art into something new.  The Colorizer was born out of this revelation and was first developed as a handheld light that could illuminate art.  The team toured the country with a pitch black art gallery dubbed The Colorimetry Experience, attending many festivals and sharing the Colorizer with thousands people. 

The Colorizer Frame

After receiving much positive feedback, we decided to bring the Colorizer to the next level by creating a new "smart frame" that would give the user all of the power of the Colorizer in a much simpler and sleeker form.  We integrated colored LEDs directly into the frame around the art, providing brilliant illumination even in a fully lit room.  Use your phone or browser to control select different effect modes, or any color you like.

The frame comes in two sizes: a small 8.5"x11" and a standard 11"x14" (internal dimensions) allow for easily viewing and changing art, whether it be from the included art or your any of your own standard sized art - which will easily inside the frame.  Additional art packs are also available to provide for different styles and themes, as well as coloring packs so you can customize the entire experience.

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